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Global Supplier for Professional Veterinary Ultrasound

  • I Work With

    I Work With

    · Dairy Cows    · Beef Cows    · Feedlot    · Sheep    
    · Horses    · Pigs    · Small Animals    · Other

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    Send Me Information For

    · Veterinary Clinic    · Producer    · Technician    · Other    

  • My Training Interest

    My Training Interest

    · Extension Arm Ultrasound    · "Arm In Cow" Ultrasound
    · Fetal Aging     · Fetal Sexing    · Attending a Training Course    

  • About KAIXIN

    Until 2021, KAIXIN have exported products to more than 170 countries around the global market, and our end users are over 40,000. We take Quality first, Service paramountcy as our tenet and strive to provide global end users with best cost performance products and user experience...


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