Technical team

Jiangsu Engineering Research Center For Medical Ultra-sound Application was founded by Xuzhou Kaixin Electronic Equipment Co., LTD. Established in 2009 with the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, it is a specialized research and development institution engaged in ultrasonic medical research and transformation of scientific research results in China. It is managed and operated in accordance with the principles of "joint, open, fluid and competitive" in line with the ideas of institutional innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation.

The Engineering center has a high quality, experienced, age, reasonable professional structure engineering development ability of professional technical team with professors, associate professors, doctors and masters. Technology is developed around color Doppler ultrasound, ophthalmic ultrasound, micro ultrasound, veterinary ultrasound and health service ultrasound products.

The engineering center undertakes engineering technology research, design and testing tasks entrusted or issued by localities, enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and other units; Absorb and accept relevant units and researchers to the center for engineering research and development and testing, carry scientific research results to implement results transformation; Cooperate closely with enterprises to promote and radiate mature and supporting engineering technology achievements, and provide technical consulting services; To train high-quality engineering technicians and engineering management personnel needed by the medical ultrasound industry; Actively carry out international cooperation and exchanges, and invite foreign experts and researchers to the engineering Center for technical exchange and research and development.